Nobel Watch ordered to stop using slogan

The Stockholm, Sweden-based organization that issues Nobel prizes has ordered the Nobel Watch Co. to stop using the advertising slogan, “I didn’t get the Nobel Prize…But I got the Nobel watch.”

According to a release issued by The Nobel Watch Co., the Nobel Foundation sent the company a letter of warning telling them to cease and desist the use of the wording “Nobel Prize” in its slogan now and going forward.

According to the Nobel Watch Co., the company has “built its 15-year business and reputation on the slogan” and it has never been an issue.

Nobel Watch Co. Chief Executive Officer Iszy Genuth said on the advice of counsel from law firm Schweitzer Cornman Gross and Bondell LLP, the company will continue to use the slogan.

The Nobel Foundation could not immediately be reached for comment. The foundation manages the assets made available through the will of Alfred Nobel and awards the Nobel Prize in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace.

The Nobel Watch Co. is a New York-based manufacturer and distributor of Swiss-made steel and gold timepieces priced from $295 to $15,000.