Kari Voutilainen Chronometer 27

Fresh from his win in the Grand Prix de Genève 2007 for his Observatoire wristwatch, Kari Voutilainen’s new creation at this year’s Baselworld represents a marked deviation from his collection of decimal repeaters with circular watch cases.

The Chronometer 27, thus named because of the Caliber 27 it houses, is Voutilainen’s second offering of an observatory watch. These watches were traditionally created for use in timing trials, because of their exceptional accuracy, and were not commercially available to the public.

In the Chronometer 27, hours, minutes, and seconds are displayed on separate sub-dials that intersect, making full use of the elongated space of the case. Like the Observatoire, Voutilainen has chosen to use a Breguet/Grossmann combination for the balance spring.