Huus Hotel, Switzerland Opens December 2016

With a scenic background and luxurious amenities, the soon to be opened hotel is now on our wish list.

3 Highlights of Art Basel 2016

Here's what you should look out for at one of the year's most anticipated art events, happening June 16 – 19.

8 Most Eco-Friendly Luxury Hotels

Join us as we take a trip around the world to find eco-friendly hotels that balance luxury with a responsible outlook.

Guide: Hermès Watch Straps

Complications, cases and dials make great talking points, but few, like Hermes, pride themselves beyond the lugs of a ticker.

Chaplin Museum to Open in April

After a prolonged delay, the museum is set to be ready for visitors later this year, in Switzerland.

Switzerland gets new three-starred restaurant

In total, Switzerland now has three triple-Michelin-starred restaurants; 18 two-star restaurants, and 95 one-star restaurants.

Swiss ski resort bans selfies with iconic Saint Bernards

The popular ski resort of Zermatt has banned tourists from posing for photos with the famed search and rescue dog.

World’s tallest hotel to be constructed in the Swiss Alps

Ambitious plans have been revealed to construct a gigantic 1,250-foot skyscraper in the tiny 1,000-resident village of Vals.
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