Singapore Rendezvous

Singapore and Thailand Yacht Shows join forces with Asia Rendezvous Events

Instead of two competing yacht shows, it was announced that the two companies involved in Singapore Yacht Show and Singapore RendezVous respectively, have agreed to collaborate by jointly producing only one show in Thailand and one in Singapore

Monetary Authority of Singapore: No plans to regulate Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been such a fast growing, unregulated asset class that a Member of Parliament raised a question in session, eliciting a response that no regulations were planned.

Singapore Rendezvous Kicks off with Men’s Folio’s 20th Anniversary

Set amidst the backdrop of shimmering twilight waters under a bed of stars, Men's Folio's 20th Anniversary Party was a prelude to the festivities, merriment and insouciant elegance of super cars, super yachts,...

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS 2017 Offers Luxury Yacht Lineup

Join us this upcoming weekend for an exciting yacht lineup as part of the luxury lifestyle event, SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, at Raffles Marina. 

Singapore Rendezvous 2017: JETCOIN presents Dj Motiv8 the Original Black-Eyed Peas DJ

Dj Motiv8 is expected to create an unforgettable soundtrack for the year's most epic luxury lifestyle event - Singapore Rendezvous 2017.

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS: Palace Celebrates 6 Years

We share a few details about the Palace anniversary party that will be held during the upcoming SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS

ProMarine Joins SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS 2017 Lineup

We present another yacht company Promarine Yacht Sales - and manufacturer Gulf Craft - in our exciting lineup for the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, in Raffles Marina (October 5 to 8, 2017), now just a few days away!

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS 2017: P1 PowerBoats revs up for an exhilarating nautical adventure

Over the weekend, visitors will get a chance to take one of P1 PowerBoats' diverse selection of boats out for a joyride — including their equivalent of an F1 car.
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