Michelin Starred Cuisine

Ginza Sushi Ichi Bangkok Celebrates 10 Years of Excellence with Special Course by A Michelin Chef

Ginza Sushi IchiBangkok เปิดคอร์สเมนูสุดพิเศษโดยเชฟระดับมิชลิน ในวาระเฉลิมฉลองครบรอบ 10 ปี

New restaruant opening in Paris, France: Interview with Chef Gérald Passédat on his new venture at Villa La Coste

Chef Gérald Passédat, known for his eatery Le Petit Nice in Marseille, shares more information on his new venture in Provence at the luxury hotel called Villa La Coste

Chef Corey Lee Named Top Chef 2016

Chef Corey Lee, best known for his triple Michelin-starred San Francisco restaurant Benu, has been named chef of the year 2016

Noma Chef Hosts Mt Everest Dinner

A former Noma chef is taking the once-in-a-lifetime adventure of trekking Mount Everest to new heights by planning a gourmet meal in the clouds.

Michelin Cuisine at International Space Station

To celebrate his first flight to space, Frenchman Thomas Pesquet will be bringing along dishes by Alain Ducasse and Thierry Marx.
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