Rimowa Hammerschlag Rises from the Brand’s Design Archive

HAMMERSCHLAG กระเป๋าดีไซน์วินเทจคอลเลคชั่นใหม่จาก Rimowa ที่ประสานงานฝีมือเข้ากับเสน่ห์แห่งบทประพันธ์เพลงของนีลส์ ฟารห์ม

Gucci’s First Luggage Boutique Debuts in Paris

Gucci Valigeria แห่งปารีส บูติคแห่งแรกของ Gucci ที่นำเสนอกระเป๋าเดินทางโดยเฉพาะ

World of Louis Vuitton: Echo

With the new Louis Vuitton Echo, travellers can move around the airport at ease and need not worry about misplacing the luggage or check-in bags even after touching down.

Fashion Traveler Must-Have: Rimowa x Ong Shunmugam

Leading luggage maker Rimowa collaborates with homegrown fashion designer Ong Shunmugam for its debut fashion collection, Woman on A Mission.

Topas Stealth: Moncler, Rimowa High-Tech Luggage

Dubbed the Topas Stealth, Moncler and Rimowa’s birthchild is just as it sounds: sleek elegance meets outstanding practicality.

Louis Vuitton Packs Up New Rolling Luggage

The French Maison's new range of rolling luggage is an amalgamation of smart design and luxurious materials.

Luggage Guide: 3 Ways to Travel Right

Getting around when you're overseas can be a hassle, but using the right luggage is half the battle won.

Néit: Collapsible Luggage for Easy Storage

This Kickstarter Project aims at making life that much easier for those with too many bags to handle.
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