Architect Max Núñez Ghat House in Chile is the South American home for Tony Stark types

Cascading down a steep slope on the coast of Chile, the Ghat House is the ultimate bachelor pad for Tony Stark if he was looking for investment properties to own in South America

A-Frame Cottage by Jean Verville Architecte

The house in A-frame construction emphasised on optimising the views of the surrounding nature with new openings, sometimes pointing to the lake, sometimes the sky, to better converse with its landscape.

The Mad Architect: Ole Scheeren has made a career out of Deconstruction

Ole Scheeren believes "Form Follows Fiction" and that all great architecture should tell a great story and his mad architecture certainly tells epic tales

Hungerburgbahn in Innsbruck

The Hungerburg funicular railway station designed by Zaha Hadid celebrates its 10th anniversary

The Charm of Zhoushan’s Cloud Mansion in China

Architect Wu Yanzu transformed this old house overnight, said to be worth over a million dollar, into a modernised holiday mansion

Wine and Brandy Distillery Museum & Warehouse for Alliance-1892

This complex, located in an old German town in the Kaliningrad region, which was severely damaged during World War II has turned into a modern brandy distillery for our times instead.

Garden Enchanted: Villa Jardín in Mexico City’s west side

This outdoor landscape design occupying the lower level of a building on Mexico City’s west side has just won The American Architecture Prize 2017

Tale As Old As Time: Austria’s in Wasagasse, Vienna

Austria's in Vienna is housed in an ancient heritage building from the late 18th century and some of the furniture pieces are designed by celebrity fashion designers.
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