5 things You Need to See at Harry Winston’s New Ion Orchard Boutique

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The legendary “King of Diamonds”, Harry Winston, has re-opened their ION Orchard boutique, following a two-month renovation; and amongst the exquisite fine jewellery and high watchmaking collections, lies a travelling collection of precious vintage jewelcrafts from the vaults of Harry Winston itself. Catch these rare diamonds and high jewellery pieces before they’re gone! These are the 5 things you need to see at Harry Winston’s new ION Orchard salon.

5 things You Need to See at Harry Winston’s New Ion Orchard Boutique

1. Harry Winston Portrait

Rendered in solitaire diamonds in approximately 79 carats. If you ever yearned for “baller” status, a self portrait in precious stones, like the one in Harry Winston’s ION Orchard boutique is a literal status symbol.

2. Harry Winston Extraordinary Diamond Necklace

Part of Harry Winston’s legacy series, this 16.6 carats pear-shaped diamond accessorised with 106 pear-shaped diamonds and set in platinum has a total carat weight of 45.84. It’s value, should you have a wallet big enough for your appetite, is in excess of $30 million.

3. Vintage 1949 Harry Winston Brooch

This vintage Harry Winston Brooch from 1949 takes its muse and namesake from Olympic Flames. That the Olympic rings are not literally rendered adds an extra touch of sophistication for the brooch

4. Vintage Harry Winston Maltese Cross Brooch

Set in platinum with 18KYG diamond and a myriad of precious stones, this multi gem-set Maltese Cross Brooch in 19.44 D/9.89 colour is impressively ornate and exquisitely detailed when you consider the tiered setting.

5. Vintage Harry Winston Rising Phoenix Brooch

This gem-set Rising Phoenix Brooch is striking for its mega 22 carat coloured stone, artistry and filigree engraving for the pair of phoenix wings.

A genius of gemstones, born with a true knowledge of diamonds and an exceptional eye for quality, Harry Winston has owned many flawless diamonds in his lifetime, some of them appear in his “legacy collection”. While it is a pity you won’t catch his namesake 62.05 carat D-flawless Winston Diamond at the ION Orchard salon, these 5 objets d’art will slake your jewellery lust for the next 2 weeks.

The Vintage collection is expected to return States-side by 4 November 2018





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