Dior Bags Launched from the The Dior Lady Art project

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A notable piece from the Dior collection emphasises on the inspired sculptor Lee Bul, who designed a medium-sized bag with a dozen little Plexiglas mirrors, like the shards of a larger broken mirror.

Now in its second year running, artists from around the world are welcome to join in the Dior Lady Art project, organised by French fashion house Dior Lady. This collaboration encourages artists to embark on a journey to envision and create their own versions of the Dior Lady bag, using fabrics, size, colours and design.

Following a successful launch of The Dior Lady Art project last year, when the Parisian brand partnered British and American artists to re-imagine and conjure a version, what happened after that were genius works of art, which you and I can touch and marvel at.

This year, Dior is going big-scale with the Dior Lady Art project that will inspire 10 artists who are experts in their fields, across disciplines from sculpting and painting, photography and street arts – to explore emotions, unleash creativity and value-add to the haute fashion world.

Each of this iconic bag will be recreated with nuance from the past and depicts the inspirations and creativity of sculptors, photographers, street artists and performers like Lee Bul, Hong Hao, Namsa Leuba and David Wiseman.

The Lady Dior bag has been around for 22 years and the range of Dior’s crafted accessories are epitomes of a personal journey inspired through time and success, and are reflected in the precise cut, delicate design and fine couture details, pushing the touch of glamour and design sensibility to the extreme that speak of nothing, but of exquisiteness and timeless elegance.

The Lady Dior bag derived its unique name in homage to Princess Diana, who chose to wear it on her arm on a visit to Paris. Two decades later, this symbol of sophistication and feminine style still resonate and had an immense influence on the ten designers from the diverse creative backgrounds.

One of the two Lady Dior bags designed by David Wiseman

Not only do we find art motifs or embroideries on Dior’s collection of clothes and bags, the same precious design details and artful elements have inspired designers such as Jamilla Okubo, Jack Pierson, Spencer Sweeney, David Wiseman, Namsa Leuba and John Giornoto to create their unique versions of Dior handbags that will strike a chord with fashionistas.

The Lady Dior bag designed by Friedrich Kunath

Artist Friedrich Kunath gives the Lady Dior bag a photographic finish showing a couple kissing, while Betty Mariani’s bag is inspired by the world of graffiti, all in a sophisticated and feminine style.

And designer Hong Hao created one that features a world map that revisits colours and names of oceans and mountain ranges, and the other is a reminiscent of pop art style finished with unique materials.

The Creations from the Dior Lady Art project will be unveiled via several events organised by the Dior fashion house.



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