Get Ready For The Thailand Yacht Show & Rendezvous 2019 in Phuket

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In a joint statement issued today by Andy Treadwell, CEO of Verventia Pte Ltd, owners of the Thailand Yacht Show, Gael and Olivier Burlot, owners of Asia RendezVous, and Gulu Lalvani, Chairman of Royal Phuket Marina, it was announced that the three parties have agreed to collaborate in producing one combined boat show in Royal Phuket Marina (RPM) next January 10th-13th.

Event Organisers Unite to show Support for Yachting Industry and Government

The move was precipitated by a request earlier in the year from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to gather the industry together in one major event in Thailand so as to demonstrate united support for the government’s yacht tourism initiative.

At the same time, since the announcement in August of a new Phuket Yacht Show, the yachting industry voiced their strong opinion that there should only be one boat show and requested just such a “get together”. The three organisers were able to come to an agreement in principle last week to merge the Phuket Yacht Show team into the already-announced Thailand Yacht Show & Rendezvous.

Andy Treadwell explained: “It’s obvious that we had to make this agreement, and great that we’ve been able to do so in a relatively short space of time – entirely thanks to the industry coming together and getting everyone to agree. The TAT, our partners and main sponsor of the Thailand Yacht show, also asked us earlier in the year to get everyone working together instead of competing and dividing the industry. We’re all now looking forward to getting on with the job, and building this event over the next few years into a proper international marketing platform for the yachting industry and for Thailand as a world-class yacht tourism destination”.

Gael Burlot added: “We are very pleased to have everyone on board and a clear plan to develop the show after a successful 2018 edition. A key highlight to kick-off the Thailand Yacht Show and RendezVous on 9th January will be the Christofle Yacht Style Awards 2019 after a memorable first edition this year. The luxury industries are starting to prosper again in this region, and with the right collaborative promotion in the right strategic places like Thailand, the yachting industry should start to see significant growth in this beautiful part of the world, where there is so much opportunity.”

Gulu Lalvani, Chairman of Royal Phuket Marina, said “I am delighted to be welcoming the combined teams to work together to produce the best boat show ever in Phuket at RPM in January. The industry and the government can rest assured that I personally and all my staff will be doing our best to make sure that this show achieves our common objective – to help make Phuket and Thailand the central marina hub for the whole of Asia.”

The Thailand Yacht Show & Rendezvous will take place from 10th– 13th January 2019, at the Royal Phuket Marina in Phuket.

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