Hit the road in a Electric Vintage Porsche 911

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Speed down the roads in a classic 1970s model equipped with modern electric insides. Boasting regenerative breaking, a max speed of 125 mph, and top-notch climate control and audio, these new/old 911s are currently produced in exclusive number.


Embodying the iconic body of an old Porsche 911, these cars are a step into the future. Voitures Extravert, a Dutch company, is turning the vintage Porches into electric vehicles with their project ‘quintessenza’.

The original model is stripped down and rebuilt with safety and performance in mind, along with top notch climate control and audio. The process is an exhaustive one, so production numbers are kept small.


  • Optimized 50-50 weight balance
  • Carrera 3.2 running gear
  • Brake assistance & regenerative braking
  • Ventilated disk brakes
  • Adjustable dampers


  • Batteries: 400 km range
  • Acceleration 0-100 kmh: < 6 sec
  • Max speed: 200 kmh

Priced at €300,000 (approx. 485,000 SGD), these cars are currently available in the EU, Switzerland, and North America. 12 more are up for reservations at €50,000 (approx. 81,000 SGD) reservations, arriving in 2019. Monthly production is targeted to increase to 3 in 2020.

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