Solaris 47 Is All About Easy Sailing With Its Impeccable Italian Design

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While it is a fact that a certain amount of knowledge and physical fitness are essential in the requirements to sail, the knack of sailing has become easier all thanks to the new materials and sophisticated technologies being developed, as attested by the makers of Solaris 47.

Solaris 47


Primarily, sailing simply is not about fierce racing against other boats and crew anymore. There’s no more purely pulling ropes by hand and struggling on winches like a coffee grinder as done in the old times. Such a scenario has been avoided in a big way with modern technologies that have been transferred successfully from superyachts. The pleasure of sailing is related to the feelings of navigating with the wind, in perfect silence or with loved music, absorbing the Feng Shui power of the sea while spending quality time with our beloved families, friends or business partners

The “EZConcept” or easy concept of sailing is simply using modern technologies: furling booms, furling jib, self-tacking jib, electric or hydraulic sail trim systems that have been developed in order to reduce the workload and the crew number on big sailing boats. Those technologies and experiences are now available for smaller boats. Nested in Aquileia, an ancient Roman city in Italy on the Adriatic nearby Venice, Solaris Yachts shipyard manufactures a constantly evolving Solaris line of yachts while integrating the key elements above.

Solaris 47 – dining zone

One such example is the Solaris 47, which comes equipped with furling boom, self-tacking jib and electric winches that have been developed to be a one-man sailing, single-handed yacht. Launched in 2016, the Solaris 47 is an impressive sailing yacht. Designed and built using the same quality of construction standards as maxi-yachts, including the structural progression of the mast, main bulkhead, chain plates and keel attachments. With an overall length of 47 feet, she fits nicely in the middle of the Solaris range. If the systems fail, you still have a full back up working with handles in the traditional way. However, all of these situations can be handled by one person. A self-tacking system keeps the cockpit free for your family, friends and partners when sailing for relaxation and leisure. The Solaris 47 has raised the bar in terms of a high-performance yacht. It is the first and only model in this size to combine advanced features and technologies for a small crew to man and sail it. The refined hull shape has already been tested successfully at sea. In addition, the weight distribution and hull-volume mean the hull shape is primed to be in high-performance so that it can tackle some of the earth’s most demanding seas. Most notable is the high stability coefficients to stabilise sail area even in fierce gales. Solaris’ high standards in manufacturing mean the yard’s models are constructed to offer strong and rigorous monolithic hulls. The mastery of such aesthetics is all thanks to one of the world’s most respected naval architects who hails from Argentina, Javier Soto Acebal.

Solaris 47 – bedroom

On designing crafts for Solaris, Javier opines, “It is difficult to find an explicit signature in my boats, as I have done so many variations of the theme. My signature maybe is beneath what you see. It is in that obsession to create something functional that is as pleasant to the eye as possible. How to please the eye, of course, can be very subjective. In my approach, I try to be simple and not to disturb the eye with unnecessary aesthetic elements. I try to be innovative in a wise way where I design crafts with correct and secure proportions.”

For more information: Enrico Zanella


LOA 14.35m / 47ft
LWL 13.40m / 44ft
Cabins 3
Beam 4.36m / 14ft 4in
Draft 2.85m / 9ft 4in
Displacement 12.60t
Ballast 4,32t
Sail Area 129 sqm
Genoa 59 sqm
Mainsail 70 sqm
Engine 55/75 HP
Water tank 440L
Fuel tank 280L
Designer Javier Soto Acebal
Interior & Structural Design
Solaris Design Team

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