The World’s Most Expensive Luxury Private Jet Tour

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The World’s Most Expensive Luxury Private Jet Tour: CrystalSkye

So, you have the money and you are thinking of how to better spend it? Perhaps, for $45K, you could buy a private jet instantly at the online shopper’s space for luxury brands, such as LUXIFY.

Instead of taking your dream to the sky with a plane and travel entirely at your own time, maybe, a pampering private jet tour that costs as much, can help you create memories that will last for a long time or make you feel more pampered than ever. But if you haven’t been on a luxury private jet tour yet, consider going onboard the lavishly outfitted Boeing 777 by Crystal Skye and explore beautiful places around the globe.

The Crystal Skye private jet is the latest fad in luxury travel and the jet will be taking off for the first time, from the departure point in Macau or Hong Kong and will travel to Nairobi (Kenya) and Tahiti (French Polynesia). The voyage will take eight days.

Designed to be all-exclusive for owners to enjoy a pleasant flight, particularly on a long haul flight, space and legroom have always been a priority in the design process. Roomy and stylish accommodation let guests travel in style and comfort.

The interior features handcrafted, fully-reclining flatbed seats, a dedicated stand-up bar and social lounge, along with a bevy of amenities and high-tech entertainment, plus a team of Crystal Skye Butlers and an Executive Chef preparing exceptional Michelin star-inspired cuisine.

Whether you are holding a gathering or simply travelling for business, or even requesting a private charter, Crystal AirCruise offers you the luxury of space to stretch out, get up and move around with the business class legroom, and enjoy all the modern conveniences, including access to the global WiFi, iPads, TVs, personal power outlets, headphones and music libraries.

Service with a personal touch

All guests can tailor their itineraries and visit many exciting destinations around the world. Besides Nairobi and Tahiti, travellers can globe-trot to New York City, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls, Tashkent, Argentina, Uzbekistan, London and many more. You can also view a range of itinerary on the AirCruises’ website, offering at least 20 countries that you can visit from three main starting points: Beijing, Los Angeles, and London.

You can also request from the service experts, who will give you brochures with the most lavish hotels so that you can continue to enjoy luxury and comfort even after you’ve landed.

Available for private jet charter at Crystal AirCruises.

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