The Milner Motors Air Car

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The Milner Motors AirCar will debut at the New York International Auto Show, March 21-30.

The Milner Motors AirCar is a four-seat advanced-composite car that is designed so that you can fly to your destination but then fold up the wings and drive it down the highway.

There is a foldable main wing in the rear of the vehicle and a lifting projection in the front.

It will weight around 3,000 pounds and will reportedly cruise at 200 m.p.h It has a 28-foot wingspan and on the ground the wings fold to seven feet wide.

The plane is powered by two rotary engines and a separate 40 horsepower engine powers the car.

The prototype they will be displaying at the car show doesn’t fly, it’s just meant to show that flight is possible.

The flying cars are expected to cost $450,000. Via Luxist

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