Beyond First Class: Air Travel with Luxaviation Charter Flights

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Since 2009, demand for charter flights have been growing. According to ARGUS August 2017 Business Aircraft Activity Report, in the continental United States alone, there has been an upswing of daily flights: from 8,918 in 2016 to 9,351 in 2017, a 4.9% increase in the use of chartered business flights.

With around 15,000 business jets available for charter worldwide as of 2011, increasing global trade and trans-border connectivity has led to the rise of the nebulous work day – that is to say, your business day is no longer constrained to your regular 24 domestic hours – there’s always a market opening for trade as your domestic market ends for the day; with such a precious commodity, chartering an aircraft makes increasing economic sense, giving rise to this new genre of air travel and one which Luxaviation is poised to tap upon.

Beyond First Class: Air Travel with Luxaviation Charter Flights

Launched in 2008, the Luxembourg-based company started out in aircraft management and charter sales with only one aircraft, a Cessna Citation XLS, today, Luxaviation is the leading business aviation group for charter flights worldwide.

It’s a business aviation company which has seen exponential growth through aggressive acquisitions: of German aviation company Fairjets GmbH in 2011, Abelag, the leading business aviation company in Benelux in 2013, eventually opening a Luxaviation Singapore office that same year and beginning their Asia operations.

By 2014, their business charter flight services had grown to such an extent that by the time they acquired Unijet, they had grown from one aircraft in the early days to become the third largest European business aviation company with nearly 60 jets in its fleet. Acquisition of a a majority stake in London Executive Aviation (LEA) made Luxaviation the leading business jet charter company in the UK as well. The biggest growth spurt arrived in 2015, with the acquisition of ExecuJet.

This year, Luxaviation Group launched Luxaviation Helicopters as the first worldwide VIP helicopter management company with a truly global reach. Backed by a global network of Fixed Base Operations (FBOs), Luxaviation delivers dedicated first class facilities for passengers and crew from corporations, private companies, Heads of State and Royalty alike.

Luxaviation is one of the largest private aircraft operators worldwide, currently managing more than 260 aircraft under the most stringent safety standards. The company’s commercial fleet is operated under the regulatory umbrella of 14 regional civil aviation issued air-operating certificates (AOCs). Luxaviation manages 25 world-class FBO facilities and 14 maintenance centres worldwide, certified to work on most business jets. Luxaviation currently employs more than 1,700 employees worldwide. Visit Luxaviation for more information.

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