Restaurant table with built-in 3D LCD screen

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Have you ever been to a restaurant serving exotic foods and felt lost while ordering from the list of strange dishes spelt before you on the menu card? A few days back, we were talking about Conceptic, an Israeli start-up company that installed the e-menu options in pubs, their popular sushi bars and the family restaurants.

Now, TEC Japan has created Tobidasu Menu that is embedded into the restaurant table to present 3-D images of items as the customer browses the menu list with the touch of the finger. The Tobidasu 3D Table menu can also perform a few tricks.

After removing a hamburger bun placed on the menu, a delicious beef patty with all the trimmings suddenly pops up. While eating out, if you find some probs in understanding what the heck is Yakitori chicken or Tonkotsu Noodle Soup, then this 3D menu could come to your visual aid.

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