Videocitta’ And Fendi presents Lux Formae in Rome

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From 19th to 28th of October 2018, Italy hosted a festival in Rome called Lux Formae, supported by Fendi and produced by Solid Light for Videocittà. In celebration of the bond between contemporary art and fashion, the spectacular project mapping is the largest project ever seen in Italy yet. The upscale video mapping is created through an avant-garde medium by internationally acclaimed artist -Laslzo Bordos, and showcased at a unique location, Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana.

Videocitta’ And Fendi presents Lux Formae in Celebration of Contemporary Art

Lux Formae is a festival that pays tribute to the audiovisual industry. As a pioneer of digital arts and architectural mapping, Hungarian artist Laslzo Bordos has curated more than 50 projects in over 22 countries. For the Videocittà audiovisual festival, Bordos arrived in Rome for the first time and identified the home of the Roman luxury house Fendi as the ideal location for his performance. The imposing building was transformed into a palette: the artist, by using projections as a hi-tech brush 4.0, will bring it to new life, revealing its never- seen -before features.

“Fendi once more sustains arts and culture, in any field, as well as Rome, during a very special moment for the Eternal city, the Festa del Cinema di Roma.”

Serge Brunschwig continued by saying, “We are excited to host in our Rome headquarters, Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, the work of one of the most famous video mapping artists of the world, Laszlo Bordos, that will transform the building facade into a living object.”

Since Fendi always had a strong connection with Rome. With its bond with the city more pronounced in recent years, and now, its shared the mission of Videocittà, Lux Formae represents the desire to highlight the best aspects of the city, as the capital of art, fashion and beauty.

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