The Rock of Mount Shefford, Montreal

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How often do you come across a home that is built to merge with the mountain, to nestle into the terrain until it becomes one with the residence? Right now, we have another one located in Montreal (Quebec) and the architects took into account every situation, to customise an architecture focusing on “simplicity” yet “imprinted with the intangible, that which gives life to the space.”

Helmed by Atelier Général architect, the Mount Shefford Rock House is built on a hillside which offers an aerial view of the treetops and the surrounding vegetation. Completed in 2017, the residence is constructed with black timber and the interior features concrete flooring juxtaposed with white-wash walls and homeware throughout.

From the distant terrain, get a glimpse of the dark truncated shape echoing the rocky projections that inhabit the site. On the upper floor gives access to the residence.

Take a step into the Mount Shefford Rock House, the living area offers occupant an intimate relationship to the site. “This space opens completely onto the ascending slope with a level access to a wild and untouched nature through a large terrace profiled to the rugged topography.”

From there, a wooden staircase leads to the main floor, where the “spaces flow freely under a flat, floating roof, showing a laminated wood structure.” At the other end of the axis, offers a view of the surrounding trees, creating the feeling of being both protected under the wooden roof and immersed in the forest.

A view in between this space and the living room is a “triangular-shaped veranda opens onto a leafy cover, a nest perched in the hollow of the landscape. Like the house as a whole, a refuge both anchored and aerial.”

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