‘Breaking Boundaries’ – ART REPUBLIK 19 Celebrates the Pioneering Spirit

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(Cover Image) Gede Mahendra Yasa, ‘After Paradise Lost #1’, 2014, acrylic on canvas. Image courtesy the artist.

‘Breaking Boundaries’ is the sixth thematic issue of ART REPUBLIK under Managing Editor Nadya Wang. It celebrates the pioneering spirit in the art world, and finds out about those who have surpassed limits and set benchmarks for others to follow.

This issue’s cover is a detail view of Gede Mahendra Yasa’s ‘After Paradise Lost 1’ (2014), a finalist artwork for the triennial Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Signature Art Prize 2018, and represents the theme of the issue in its mélange of sources that are not immediately associated with each other. “Featuring multiple scenes drawn from Western art history, Indonesian art history, and scenes of contemporary life in Bali, symbolises how Western and traditional cultures grow in one place, creating a new culture as a result of this juxtaposition,” says Gede.

Change is the only constant, as the saying goes, and in this issue, we look at how technology has injected new life — and challenges — to the ways people operate within the artworld. What is social media listening and how can this tool be harnessed to communicate more effectively with one’s audience? And what does blockchain technology mean for art today and in the future? How have innovators rejected or improved upon traditional ways of doing things to bring the creation and business of art into new territories that promise unexplored opportunities?

We also look at how art is used to benefit the society at large, through education, as well as in representing marginalised communities and bringing largely taboo issues into mainstream conversations. Why do artists, art collectors, art writers etc. take up the mantle to fight the good fight on various fronts, whether for the rights of LGBTQA communities or making art available to the masses where it is sorely lacking? And how do they push against existing boundaries to make possible what may initially seem daunting?

And in ‘The Select Group’ series, we get to know more about the unconventional collecting strategies and ambitious agendas of visionary individuals, corporations and institutions, including conversations with prominent collectors Koh Seow Chuan, Haryanto Adikoesoemo, Patrick Sun, as well as Wiyu Wahono, along with art advisors Christoph Noe, co-founder of Larry’s List and Jennifer Yum, Director at David Zwirner.

As usual, we spotlight shows taking place at spaces in Southeast Asia and beyond, at art fair Art Basel, including what Audemars Piguet is bringing to the fair this year with Semiconductor as they continue blazing the trail in art patronage, institutions M+ and Singapore Art Museum, galleries Galerie Karsten Greve, Galeries Bartoux, REDSEA Gallery, among others, and regional competitions Signature Art Prize and UOB Painting of the Year.

“For this issue, we were focused on telling the stories of those who have thought out of the box and walked the talk in bringing about change in the art world, and also through art to the community at large,” says Nadya Wang, Managing Editor of ART REPUBLIK. “We are positive you will be inspired by these examples of art’s transformative power.”

Mr. Olivier Burlot, CEO & Publisher at Heart Media, comments: “‘Breaking Boundaries’ is a continuation of the ART REPUBLIK team’s dedication to bringing noteworthy news about art from Southeast Asia and beyond to the magazine’s readers. I’m sure you will enjoy reading about the impressive individuals featured in this issue.”

ART REPUBLIK 19 will be presented at Art Formosa in July and Art Jakarta in August, with which the magazine is a media partner.

Visit ART REPUBLIK’s digital page, http://www.luxuo.com/artrepublik, for more art news. The tablet edition of ART REPUBLIK is also available for subscription on all Google Play and Apple Newsstands via Magzter, which is supported on all Android and Apple smart devices.

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