$35 Movie Tickets – Cinemas of the Future

The question is: would you pay $35.00 a ticket for one movie?

Even if each complex will have theaters with digital projection to screen 2-D and 3-D movies, 40 reclining armchair seats, the ones with footrest, just like home? Except these seats have a service button to call a waiter.

Why? Because patrons will be able to have made-to-order meals like sushi and other theater foods from on-site chefs. Oh Reeaaalllyy!! Of course, they’ll have to pay extra for that.

Would you pay $35.00 + even if they have lounges and bars serving cocktails and appetizers, concierge service and valet parking?

These people seem to think so. Village Roadshow Ltd., Act III, Lambert Entertainment and the Retirement Systems of Alabama pension fund will spend $200 million to build 50 theaters nationwide over the next five years to bring us mere mortals the luxury cinema circuit Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas. Are you ready to give in yet? I might if I don’t have to wear pearls and a little black dress!

The first two venues are set to open in South Barrington, Chicago, and the Seattle suburb of Redmond in October.

The Burbank-based company’s hoping to attract 10 million “upscale and affluent” consumers per year to its theaters that will be housed in high-end shopping centers and malls.

Each complex will typically house eight screens.”It’s a new way to go to the movies,” said Graham Burke, managing director and CEO of Village Roadshow Ltd.

“It’s like what Mercedes is to a Toyota or like flying first class in an airplane.” Company execs said bringing the chain to the U.S. is a “natural extension” of the brand. (variety)

Via trendhunter