Museum of Broken Relationships Opens

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It is a testament to the universality of romantic meltdowns that a museum concept like this would grow so big. The Museum of Broken Relationships has toured 25 cities and opened a permanent space in Zagreb, Croatia (apparently the global capital of heartbreak) back in 2010 – and now it’s opening its second permanent space in Los Angeles, directly in the heart of California. After June 4, anyone who has ever wondered what becomes of the broken hearted can visit the latest permanent space. If you so desire, you can also donate notes and artifacts commemorating a failed relationship to the museum.

The aim of the museum, as it widely touts, is to channel the destructive impulses that come after a break-up into something more creative and therapeutic. The hope is that by having all these artifacts come together, any visitor can be taken on an emotional journey through the lives of others, perhaps finding out how they aren’t alone in their heart-break. On the other hand, on the side of the donors, there is the pure catharsis that comes with confession and reflection. It forms a cycle, with people being inspired, and then they themselves donate a part of their own lives to the museum.

The museum was originally conceived of by founders Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić. This L.A. version is founded, on the other hand, by John B Quinn, who was affected by Vištica’s and Grubišić’s vision. “The museum is an opportunity for visitors from around the world to experience the emotions and memories embodied in objects and told through narratives contributed by others,” said Quinn. “From this we learn how different people and their relationships are, but also, when it comes to break ups, how much we share.”

So, if you happen to have a broken heart in need of a little soothing, you can check out the museum’s website over here. It may have just the thing you need.

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