Art Stage Singapore 2014 Closes on a High

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The flagship Asian art event, Art Stage Singapore, closed its fourth edition yesterday on a high. The 5-day event saw an increase in visitorship from previous years with a total of 45,700 visitors visiting Art Stage Singapore 2014, as well as a rise in significant sales figures reported by participating galleries.

Art Stage Singapore has made a name for itself as the big art event of Southeast Asia. “We are especially humbled by the overwhelming response we received at our fair preview and Vernissage which saw a total of 14,600 visitors. I would like to thank all our local partners, the Singaporean public as well as regional and international visitors for their continued support of Art Stage Singapore,” said Lorenzo Rudolf, Founder and Fair Director, Art Stage Singapore.

Most of the 158 exhibitors from around the globe were impressed with the presentation and visitorship seen at Art Stage Singapore 2014 and are pleased with the quality of conversations and contacts made. Notably, the demand for entry-level works by emerging artists was proven to be strong, and a significant amount of sales were made in this segment of the market, showing an increasing interest and growth in the arts scene around the region.

Art Stage Singapore 2014 showcased curated sales exhibitions featuring works from Southeast Asia, Australia, Central Asia, China, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Many received critical acclaim from collectors, artists, art professionals as well as general fair visitors, with numerous mentions of the Platforms which met the objective of providing a contextual understanding of the Asian art scene.

“Art Stage Singapore 2014 was phenomenal,” says Marc Wong, Managing Editor of Art Republik, “I truly felt that Art Stage outdid themselves with their new Platforms approach, the fair’s new format comprising of eight countries and regional platforms, which included Southeast Asia, India, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia and Central Asia. And it was moreso evident in the constant high attendance throughout the fair. Not only did it showcase an immensely diverse range of art works, but also significantly provided much insight into art scenes of countries and regions that are quieter.”

Heart Media is immensely proud and honoured to be the official media partner of Art Stage Singapore 2014, and we look forward to continuing this partnership in the next edition of Art Stage, which will undoubtedly be an even more inspiring and immersive experience for art enthusiasts around the world.

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