Beijing’s Water Cube opens

China has officially taken the wrapping off its National Aqautics Center, nicknamed the “Water Cube”, which resembles a gigantic box of bubble-wrap.

Designed by a joint Chinese-Australian consortium, the center is one of two iconic structures constructed for the Beijing Olympics this year.

It stands alongside the 91,000 seater National Stadium, more affectionately known as “Bird’s Nest”.

Work on the Water Cube began at the end of 2003 at an estimated cost of US$100 million, and took three years to complete.

The honeycomb structure will host the swimming, diving and synchronized swimming, and water-polo events during the Games.

The 17,000 seater Cube is expected to offer spectators a visual spectacle at night, when its LED system of 16.7 million tones transforms the structure into a glowing kaleidoscope.

Source : dezeen