A True Luxury Forest Cabin – The Forest House, La Costa, Argentina

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Costa Esmeralda, Buenos Aires, not to be mistaken for the similar named area near Porto Cervo, where the recent Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup was held, is the site of an exciting luxury property commission – The Forest House, La Costa, Argentina. Situated on an are with a young afforestation of acacia trees, maritime pines and some sectors of consolidated forest, the luxury forest cabin takes its name from the privileged landscape protecting the privacy of this luxurious wooded property from the street.

Luxurious Forest Cabin: The Forest House, La Costa, Argentina

Calling home on the site of a dune with slopes of almost two meters overlooking the front and that, through a dense grove of trees, the Forest House can be considered among Costa Esmeralda’s more premium luxury forest cabins by Argentine architects Besonias Almeida Arquitectos.

No more than 150 sqm and with an aesthetic similar to the other forest cabins built in the area, the forest cabin is a board-formed concrete residence which maximises use of its sloped plot. Three volumes staggered along the gradient, the spaces between each unit of the Forest House serve as courtyards, allowing guests to the Costa Esmeralda property an intimate commune with nature, surrounded by native acacia trees and maritime pines.

Intuitively, the master’s bedroom (with private bath) takes the peak of the dune, followed by a cascade of a secondary bedroom and finally, the main living area at the foot of the slope -a generous meeting space, a visually integrated kitchen, and an integrated living space to be used as an audio and video room and, eventually, as a guest bedroom. Electric under-floor heating provide warmth necessary for winter climes since there’s no natural gas in the area. West-facing windows provide views of the scenery, a massive covered terrace on the northern end extends the gathering spaces to the outdoors among the towering treescapes. Except for the beds, sofas and chairs, the rest of the fixtures and fittings of this luxury forest cabin are made of concrete.

Two unique materials: concrete and glass, were used to complete the integration with the landscape and to respond to the structural, functional, and maintenance of the forest cabin. Each volume was covered with a slab that rests on inverted beams that are intertwined working together throughout the Forest house. The roofs of the luxury forest cabin were designed as green terraces to increase the thermal insulation, maximising the sun’s daytime radiance.


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