Frozen Paris is the theme of new ice hotel suite

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The romance of Paris and the wilderness of the Arctic Circle might seem worlds away from one another, but they have been brought together thanks to a new suite at the Icehotel in Sweden.

Up There suite Ice Hotel

Created by French design duo Les Ateliers de Germaine, ‘Up There’ features the skyline of Montmartre carved into its icy walls. The suite features jagged rooftops and the basilica of the Sacré-Coeur, along with chimney pot ice sculptures, backlit windows and a bed frame made of blocks of ice.

Partners Luc Voisin and Mathieu Brison wanted to represent the “magical city, legendary city, romantic city, poetic city, symbolic city” that is Paris, and celebrate its position as a source of inspiration for artists and a destination for billions of tourists from all over the world.

Ice Hotel Up There suite

“More than a design, more than an architecture, it’s a trip to the heart of one of the historical districts that we offer,” claim the pair. “You can feel the people living all around you, you might even see them if you’re curiously peeking out the window. You are part of the city, you are the city.”

It is one of ten suites specially designed ‘art suites‘ for the 24th edition of the Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, the world’s largest hotel built from snow and ice which is rebuilt every year.

Paris suite Ice Hotel

Other art suites include ‘Mind the Gap’ by Marcus Dillistone and Magdalena Åkerström, which features an ice sculpture of an underground train, and ‘Pole Dancing’ by Christine and Natalie Close, which counts a huge polar bear sculpture amongst its interior décor.

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