World’s Sexiest 50 Year Old: Italian Millionaire Gianluca Vacchi

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For a couple of years now, American Internet personality and “professional poker player” (apparently he doesn’t win all that much) Dan Bilzerian has been an instagram media star mostly known for his lavish lifestyle. Well, he has just lost his crown to Italian millionaire and entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi.

Sartorially gifted, Vacchi has plenty of moves himself. A physical specimen of masculinity, Gianluca Vachi has been living the sweet life, first with a long term wife, Giorgia Gabriele, and then lately with Miss Colombia herself, Ariadna Gutierrez. Vacchi recently eclipsed Bilzerian as the hottest social media star when a video of him dancing went viral on Instagram.

World’s Sexiest 50 Year Old: Italian Millionaire Gianluca Vacchi

In the Italian Millionaire’s latest post, Vacchi was clad in a pair of white jeans paired with a Captain America shield and high-cut sneakers where he showed off sexy dance moves and grooved to the tune of Timbaland’s 2007 smash hit ‘Give It To Me’.

Gianluca Vacchi was spotted pretty much the same way, dancing with this wife Gabriele a year and a half ago in skimpy swimwear. Vacchi and Gabriele ended their relationship at the beginning of the summer 2017.

At the turn of adulthood, Vacchi went into the family businesses after finishing his studies in economics where he successfully restructured some of his family’s corporate holdings and turned them around. Once the Vacchi business interests were thriving, Gianluca listed them on the stock exchange and has never looked back since.

Four years later at 29, Vacchi relinquished executive powers in the business and became a shareholder instead, going into private equity where he bought and sold companies in different sectors. After boring of wealth accumulation, Vacchi turned to more decadent pursuits, indulging his curiosity and baser instincts.

Gianlucca Vacchi stands out effortlessly, whether by his sartorial instincts or his well-cut physique. On some days, he shares pictures of himself dressed in made-to-measure suits with matching stylish pocket squares or neck-ties, casual knee-rip jeans and gorgeous footwear. Other days, he bares his chest to show his tattoos.

Vacchi is known for living a lavish lifestyle full of yachts, mansions, fast cars, private jets (and now beauty queens). Owning a stake in the Casalunga Golf Club, he has gathered about 11.3m followers on his social media site and is also the proud owner of a few villas.

The famed multi-hyphenate made news again when his properties were reportedly seized over a 10.5 million debt, according to Italian publication Quotidiano. Sources say Gianluca Vacchi’s net worth is estimated at 300 million dollars but with the recent bank seizures, the Italian Playboy’s finances might have hit a little bit of a tough spot.

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