Tiffany diamond encrusted cell phone

Softbank Mobile is in the process of launching their new line of 15 cell phones, one of which was created in collaboration with Tiffany & Co. Japan Inc. The new handset is encrusted with more than 400 diamonds totaling 20+ carats and will cost about $94,000. The phone is available starting this month in Japan, with the complete line of …

Sony Transparent TV

This “transparent” TV really exists, and it’s from Sony. Look at the screen, it’s like floating… and the speakers, freaking awesome! Hats off to Sony for the magnificent idea of making a “Transparent TV” that is sooner or later going to revolutionize the meaning of a TV.

Largest diamond in universe

Largest Diamond space

Astronomers discovered the largest diamond of all times in space. The weight of the precious stone reportedly makes up ten billion trillion trillion carats (or five million trillion trillion pounds). The space diamond is virtually an enormous chunk of crystallized carbon, 4,000 kilometers in diameter. The stone is located at a distance of 50 light years from Earth, in the …