WallyIsland is a gigayacht

Monaco-based Wally Yachts has designed the ultimate in luxury yachts; the WallyIsland a 99 meter (325 feet) “gigayacht”. This super cool waterbaby can be fitted with pools, tennis courts, mini soccer fields, or the gardens and have space to house 40 crew members and 24 guests. A helipad and two 45-foot speedboats are deployed at the back. Via newlaunches

CRN’s Emerald Star for Ferretti

A leading builder and of luxury yachts in aluminium and steel since 1963, CRN shipyard also produces yachts in composite materials.

Mumbai International Boat Show 2008

The rich and famous of Mumbai have discovered a new hobby, and the success of the second International Boat Show goes to show that this port city’s marina front will soon be undergoing a transformation. The three-day event was held in a closed hall as well as the marina front where many international players showed off their exclusive range. Important …

The Practical Super Yacht

Built with disabled individuals in mind but offering far more than expected, the Stability 60 is a yacht combined with a catamaran and SWATH technology delivering a stable ride in all depth of waters and all weather conditions. Employing multiple push-button options for raising and lowering the anchor as well as the entire yacht it is accessible and easily enjoyed. …