Gulfstream G700 Sets Two Transatlantic Speed Records

Gulfstream G700 ลำงามทำสองสถิติความเร็วในการบินข้ามมหาสมุทรแอตแลนติก

United Looks Towards A Supersonic Future with Boom

สายการบิน United สั่งซื้อเครื่องบินความเร็วเหนือเสียง Overture จำนวน 15 ลำเพื่อความพร้อมสำหรับอนาคต

Airbus Offers A Glimpse Into Hydrogen-Powered Aviation

Airbus ZEROe นวัตกรรมสะอาดพลังงานไฮโดรเจนสำหรับอนาคตของโลกการบิน

Seamless Connection with Jointly Designed Embraer and Porsche

ความหรูจากพื้นถนนสู่ฟากฟ้าของพาหนะแพ็คคู่ Embraer Phenom 300E และ Porsche 911 Turbo S

Boeing 747, Anyone? Thai Airways is Selling All and More.

การบินไทยประกาศขายเครื่องบิน 34 ลำซึ่งมีอายุเฉลี่ยเกินกว่า 20 ปี

The Skyacht One is the Ultra Luxurious Yacht That Can Fly

Skyacht One เครื่องบินส่วนตัวที่บรรเจิดด้วยการตกแต่งในธีมเรือยอชต์สุดสำราญ

Boeing 747 as Queen of the Skies for 50 Years

50 ปีแห่งความสง่างามบนฟากฟ้าของเครื่องบินโดยสาร Boeing 747

It is Time for Wings of Your Own

ที่สุดแห่งการเดินทางเหนือระดับกับบริการเที่ยวบินส่วนตัวแบบครบวงจรของ MJETS

Yacht-Like Cabin Interiors are Becoming a Trend

รถหรูและเครื่องบินส่วนตัว จะให้เก๋ต้องตกแต่งอย่างเคบินบนเรือยอชต์ ตามเสียงเรียกร้องของลูกค้าในแถบเอเชียแปซิฟิก

The Sky’s The Limit

ขอเชิญเข้าสู่โลกแห่งฝูงบินผาดแผลง ที่ได้ชื่อว่าเป็นที่สุดของโลกแห่งความเร็วและสมรรถนะ

Boeing and Aerion Supersonic AS2 Jet to Launch in 2023

Collaborative effort between Boeing and Aerion aims to return the glamour and luxury of supersonic jet travel to the 21st century.

Winch Design On Crafting A True Gentleman’s Private Jet

Award-winning British design studio, Winch Design fulfils in-air fantasy with luxurious interiors providing comfortable flight at cruising altitude.

The Airlander 10: World’s Largest Aircraft Is Also Nicknamed “The Flying Bum”

Unveiled at the Farnborough Airshow, the 302 ft long part airship, part helicopter, and part plane is practically a mansion in the air.

Private Jets Are Now Passé: The Flaris LAR 1 Personal Jet Fits In Your Garage

Dubbed the "world's smallest business jet", the LAR 1 developed by Metal-Master has detachable wings that size down the craft enough to fit in a garage.

The Seabreacher submarine “Fighter Jet” is the best way to spend £71,000

The Seabreacher is an advanced submersible watercraft which combines literally every alpha male fantasy - jet ski, submarine and fighter for the ultimate water sports experience.

The World’s Most Expensive Luxury Private Jet Tour

Introducing CrystalSkye, the all-new expedition jet offers private tours in the VIP market, where luxury roams freely.

Private Jet: Experience the Legacy 650E

This 2014 Legacy 650E is designed to offer outstanding cabin comfort and productivity for business jet travellers, making sure passengers have everything they need, or want.

Make Your Flying Dreams Easier With Bombardier Private Jet

Taking to the sky is a fantasy for many people and you can now make your flying dreams easier by having your personal private jet.

Breitling Jet Team’s Round-the-world Trip

Shervin Fonooni, an intrepid photojournalist covered the Breitling Jet Team as they toured the world to witness journeys few have seen

Breaking Time Barrier with Supersonic Business Jet

Aerion is working with Lockheed Martin and GE Aviation to develop the world’s first supersonic business jet, imbuing new aerodynamics, new engines, and the capabilities of the largest producer of supersonic aircraft.

Singapore Airlines A380 Reveals a New Look

Singapore Airlines launches new suites, double beds and swivel chairs on A380s

Boom Supersonic Jet promises Paris to New York in 3.5 hours

With 76 deposits for its US$200 million 55-seat supersonic jetliners, Boom is about to launch us into the age of supersonic travel promised by Concorde

Beyond First Class: Air Travel with Luxaviation Charter Flights

Come experience top notch Luxaviation service standards as their stewardess serve up Classic Car Cocktails at Singapore Rendezvous, happening October 7th, 5 to 7pm, Raffles Marina Atrium.

Zetta Jet files Chapter 11 bankruptcy but Still Operational

Zetta Jet Managing Director is being sued for embezzlement while the company uses Chapter 11 process to restructure debt while continuing air travel services.

Luxury business jets 2017: Falcon 8X boasts trijet design

We take to the skies in Dassault’s top of the range trijet, the Falcon 8X

New business jets by Bombardier: The Global 6000 joins the Global Express fleet

The Canadian private jet manufacturer is redefining business jet travel where the sky is the limit, with a new model that joins the fleet

Prototype of New Supersonic Commercial Jet Unveiled

Concorde may be gone but the dream of supersonic flight is alive and well, as seen in the reveal last week of a prototype of a new supersonic commercial jet.
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