Illuminated Lounge Table

Lighten-up your lounge area with this illuminated Lounge Table. The luminescent table features gloss finish and is UV resistant. The brightness can be adjusted by the use of a dimmer foot switch. The table flaunts neat design with the smart storage design to stow-away the cable. The ambient furniture sells for £399.

Triceratops skeleton up for Paris auction

A triceratops skeleton is expected to fetch 500,000 euros at an upcoming Christie’s auction in Paris, where giant shark teeth and a sabre-toothed tiger skull are also up for bids. The skeleton of the three-horned dinosaur, from a private European collection, is the highlight of the April 16 auction. It will mark the first time that such a dinosaur specimen …

$15,000 Crib for Rich Kids

crib for rich kids

All parents hope their children will live happily ever after, but this carriage crib is straight out of a fairytale. Equipped with a rear changing table, this pricey piece of furniture, sold at Petit Tresor for $15,000, is a place for lil princes and princesses to rest their heads. Is this lux cradle a sweet dream or a nightmare?

Terrariums by Paula Hayes

A new generation of designers is re-discovering the mini-garden and the aficionados are watching it wholeheartedly. Terrariums are back now. Artist Paula Hayes, a New York sculptor, painter and landscape designer is eying new possibilities in creative horticulture and home decor with her spectacular Teardrop Terrarium. She has given wind to the concept of plants inside glass as portable artworks. …

Montblanc Limited Edition “Boheme Papillon”

Montblanc Boheme Papillon

The masterly combination of highest writing culture and first-class jewellery craftsmanship is revealed in the six magnificent fountain pens in the Montblanc Limited Edition “Boheme Papillon”. Crafted in the solid white, yellow or rose gold, the pens are studded with over 1,400 scintillating diamonds and sapphires which delicately wrap around the body in three levels and onto the internal spring …

Butterfly shaped coin chair

The new butterfly shaped coin chair sets in a new architectural style statement.It is made of hundreds of Half dollar coins and is hand-welded. It is made up of pure stainless steel. The contoured shape design secures a cradle for the body.